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Effective Leadership and Execution of Strategic Plans to Improve the African American Condition and Solve our Pressing Issues

Critical Networks of Networks
Join the network that connects to existing networks through innovative and strategic processes to solve our issues
Education and Learning Centers
Evaluate our educational systems and learning centers to discover mechanisms to improve learning opportunities for all African Americans
Business Management
Leverage over 46 million African Americans to build business organizations and solve our unemployment plight
Finance and Wealth Management
Money matters in the African American community - work to solve financial and generational wealth issues
Health and Wellness
Incorporate strategies to improve your individual health and in-turn the collective health of the African American community
Political Power
Join the Nationals Political Party - the 100% Digital Political Platform for African Americans

African American - Key Statistics

Data and intelligence-driven activity are leveraged to maximize successful outcomes. We collaborate with our stakeholders to constantly transform the emerging African American community.

Reporting from the U.S. Census and Department of Labor and Statistics (Nov. 2022)

Count of African Americans in the United States
Median African American Household Income
African American Home Ownership
Bachelor's Degree or More
Some College
High School or Less
29% of African American Households Earn Less Than
54% of African American Households Earn Less Than
28% of African American Households Earn More Than $50K but Less Than $100K
18% of African American Households Earn More Than
Approximate National Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Rate for African Americans
Historically, the United States - Unemployment Rate - Black or African Americans reached a record high of 21.2% in January 1983.

Journal of African American Solutions

The Journal of African American Solutions chronicles forward-looking solutions and next steps to remediate key issues impacting African Americans.

African American Solutions Matrix

The Solutions Matrix is an exhaustive list of key issues facing the African American community coupled with solutions. The matrix features strategic activities, coordination, key tasks, and solutions related to remediating the issues. Dr. Jehoshaphat K. Jones works with industry executives, civic leaders, and Solutions Champions to focus resources to solve generational issues impacting African Americans.

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